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Talk to one of our dedicated specialists to understand how Discovery NP Legal Consultants' team of Specialized Nurse Practitioner Consultants to the Legal Profession (NP-CLP) can help you win your next MedMal case, or even take your firm to the next level of profitability.

What to Ask About at Your Call

Ask about our tiered flat-rate merit reviews  

Our merit review pricing is based on a simple tiered system, calculated on number of pages, so there are no surprises in your billing. You get a consistent, useful work product for meritorious cases, and a 1:1 call or brief but thorough explanatory report with your specialist if the case has no merit. 

Ask about our 20% next-case-credit for non-meritorious merit reviews 

If we conclude that your case appears to not have merit, you'll be awarded credit of 20% of what you paid on the non-meritorious review applied toward your next case review with us if ordered within the next 60 days.

Ask about how our teamwork strategy saves you hundreds or thousands on hourly work

Learn how we maximize your dollar by integrating the knowledge and analytical power of nurse practitioner (provider) reviewers and the organizational power of clinically-informed data entry specialists at 1/2 the rate of a consultant. We don't bill consultant rates for the data entry portion of the work. 

Ask About the Advantages of a Nurse Practitioner Performing Your Medical Case Review

Nurse Practitioners have been in the trenches; they know medical reports and they know day-to-day hospital routines and standards of care. They are also providers, so they know how providers think. NPs think like doctors but bill like nurses.

Ask About Our Industry-Shaking Collaborative Attorney-Owned Work Product

Our philosophy is that our hourly rate for pre-litigation and litigation support is in exchange for a powerfully-designed work product, which becomes more powerful the more comprehensive it is. Because you purchased it, you should truly own it. This means that you should be able to edit it and use it how you want

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