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Come Learn About and Compare Options for Starting Out as a Remote-work Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC)

And Learn if Contracting in our NP-CLP Group is Right for You

Select an available timeslot from the calender below:

You will Learn...

  •  #1.) Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Options for Starting Out as an LNC

  •  #2.) What is Legal Nurse Consulting (quick overview)

  •  #3.) Entry-level requirements for Becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant (hint: you may be pleasantly surprised)

  •  #4.) Understand earning potential depending on your selected method of entering the field

  •  #5.) Discover what our firm is doing and how we are nailing our competitive advantages to get YOU more cases

  •  #6.) Learn if you meet basic requirements to contract with us

  •  #7.) Get information on how to become an contractor

  •  #8.) And more!

  • See you there!

  • Discovery NP Legal Consultants, LLC (R) is not a law firm. We do not provide medical or legal advice of any kind. Our work is done in the capacity of a consultant, and not as a medical provider. We do not engage in any patient-provider relationship with clients, their plaintiff or anyone else. Our services are geared to medical malpractice attorneys who take cases for the plaintiff.

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