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Specialty: Anesthesia

Nancy Skinker, CRNA began her path to being an expert CRNA with her anesthesia training at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and earned a degree of Master of Science-Nurse Anesthesia Specialization.

A Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist with 25 years of anesthesia practice experience--making her an expert in the role-- Nancy has provided anesthesia for surgical procedures including general surgery, orthopedics, ENT, cardiothoracic, neurology, sports medicine, pain medicine, ophthalmology, urology, electroconvulsive therapy, joint replacements, plastics / aesthetics, obstetrics, and gastrointestinal outpatient procedures. 

Prior to the start of her anesthesia career, she practiced at Barnes Hospital in St Louis, MO, where she became an expert Registered Nurse during her 10 years there. During that time, she spent 3 years in general medicine and 7 years in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit respectively.

Nancy has mentored students and well as registered nurses who are interested in pursuing a career in anesthesia.

Currently, she practices outpatient anesthesia for sports medicine and orthopedic surgery in St Louis, MO.

In her free time, Nancy loves spending time with her three children. She also enjoys fitness classes, yoga, home improvement projects, and gardening.

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