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Specialty: Hospitalist, Emergency Room Cases, First Respondent

Dr. Lisa Diekman is a consulting expert in the areas of hospitalist, emergency medicine, and much more. Dr. Diekman is a nationally Board certified Nurse Practitioner with a focus on family and internal medicine with over 15 years of clinical experience.

After working as a paramedic, Lisa worked as an RN and an expert in trauma and the emergency department, and even as flight nurse. Lisa maintains certifications in many areas of these expert areas. As an NP, Lisa has clinical experience as an expert in internal medicine hospitalist, she can also consult as an expert in outpatient aesthetics and in occupational health.

Lisa brings a well-rounded nursing and medical background to our expert consulting services for the legal profession. Lisa has completed a Doctorate Degree to further her research and studies in the field of hormonal balance and other holistic medicine modalities.

Lisa now lives in a small farm community in Northwestern Ohio. She and her husband, Kevin, have been married for 33 years and have three grown children, two son-in-laws, a soon-to-be daughter in-law, and two grandchildren. She enjoys family dinners, spending time at the lake, being with her grandchildren, and takes an interest in interior decorating.

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