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Services Your Team Lead NP-CLP Can Provide or Assist With

  • Define the standards of care applicable to this case

  • Define deviations from the standard of care for nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals

  • Assess documentation for evidence of ongoing damages or injuries

  • Validate causation of damages or injuries

  • Organize medical records prior to delivery to the expert witness to optimize his/her time spent

  • Summarize, translate, and interpret medical records

  • Search for, analyze, and scrutinize research studies relevant to the case, including those presented by opposing counsel

  • Identify when and which hospital policies and procedure documents would be relevant for Discovery request

  • Identify missing medical records 

  • Expand the Firm's medical library, including research and terminology

  • Access provider-only (NP/physician-only) resources for authoritative consensus evidence-based treatment guidelines

  • Interview clients, key witnesses, and experts

  • Consult with healthcare providers

  • Identify types of Expert Witnesses needed

  • Locate, interface with, and assist with vetting of expert witnesses (separate fee structure)

  • Serve as a liaison between the attorney and healthcare providers, including expert witnesses and fact witnesses.

  • Prepare interrogatories for fact witnesses

  • Assist in the creation of demonstrative evidence for trial

  • Review, analyze, summarize, an identify discrepancies in depositions

  • Make suggestions for questioning for deposition, or attend a deposition virtually

  • Develop written reports for use as study tools by the attorney

  • Generate unlimited versions of reports of virtually any combination of data points or information found within the work product

  • Analyze and compare expert witness reports and other work products, including that of opposing counsel

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