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Case Quote Examples:

Here are a few examples of some cases and how billing works for them over the initial 4 week period. Please click the links corresponding to each case to view the sheet that explains the example.


This hypothetical case involves 815 pages of medical records sent over on 3 PDFs, no additional consults beyond the included (which were within the included timeframes), and took 8 hours total (not counting consult time, which was included). No rush request was made.


In the second hypothetical case, the attorney provides 2855 pages to be reviewed in 5 original PDFs. Communication involved 96-minutes for the initial consult with a 42-minute follow-up call.

The staff makes an additional 44-minutes of calls over the course of the case. The case takes the nurse practitioner 15 hours to review (not counting said calls, which are billed elsewhere).

Two witness deposition suggestions are requested for a total of three depositions.

The case is requested to be turned around in 3 weeks (rush) with Bates numbers and exhibits numbers requested to be added to the Comprehensive Flow.


The final case is a case in which the time spent on the case was ultimately upgraded to the Expert Witness pricing.

In this case, what may have started as a contracted case consult, the attorney may choose to upgrade to a witness case. In such instances, there is an additional case fee to process the upgrade, as well as a retroactive adjustment to the cost per unit of time. The difference between what has been paid out and what should have been billed is then calculated.

 In the hypothetical case, the NP reviewed 1575 pages on 3 PDFs. There was plenty of “included” communication between the NP and the Firm via email. The NP called with questions, which were included at baseline.

The NP spent 40.5 hours on the case in addition to 3 hours for door-to-door deposition/on stand testimony.

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