When it comes to complex medical malpractice cases, attorneys must be aware of a range of potential issues that could lead to liability. In the orthopedic setting, this can include wrongful amputation of a limb, delay or failure to diagnose fractures, misdiagnosis of rotator cuff tears, improper surgical alignment of a joint, nerve damage, incorrect insertion of pins and screws, delayed diagnosis of spinal cord damage or cauda equina, inadvertent severance of tendons or ligaments, among other errors.

Given the complexity of these potential claims, it is imperative for attorneys to have access to a surgical Nurse Practitioner specializing in orthopedics who can provide an in-depth review of medical records in order to evaluate adherence to the standard of care. With their specialized knowledge and thoroughness, such specialized Nurse Practitioner consulting experts–unicorns in the industry– can identify any issues related to malpractice and help attorneys build a strong case against negligent parties, and to identify all parties with liability.


Sherri is a founding Nurse Practitioner Consultant to the Legal Profession with Discovery NP Legal Consultants. Sherri completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville in 1992. She attended Maryville University in St. Select this Consultant


Holly started her healthcare career in 1992 as a labor and delivery technician. She worked as an RN in NICU as well as in labor and delivery, where she scrubbed in to c-sections. This sparked a passion for surgery, and she pursued a position as an expert nurse in the OR that allowed to both function as a circulator as well as a scrub nurse. While working and becoming highly skilled in all areas of the operating room, Holly fostered a love for Orthopedics. Select this Consultant

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