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Specialty: Urgent Care, Hospice, Corrections

Alicia is a Family Nurse Practitioner and Integrative Health Practitioner and a founding Nurse Practitioner Consultant to the Legal Profession with Discovery NP Legal Consultants. With almost two decades of varied experience in the medical field, including significant work as an RN in the she has become an expert in the highly litigated areas of ICU and ER. Her experience as an NP has helped er become a consulting expert for our cases involving medical malpractice Urgent Care setting, in the corrections setting where she has developed an expertise for behavioral medicine, and as an independent practitioner in Integrative Medicine.

In addition to her Master's in Nursing in the nurse practitioner track, Alicia also has a second Masters Degree and is an expert in Nursing Informatics. In addition to taking cases of her own, Alicia is an expert as Discovery's work product specialist, helping new NP Consultants, attorneys and their staff to navigate Discovery NP Legal Consultants' unique work product so they can get the best value from it. She also serves as the designated expert research assistant to all of our contractors to provide them with the most relevant and up-to-date standards of care and evidence-based practice in the industry.

On top of all this, Alicia is an expert mother, foster mother and adoptive mother, and supermom to seven children, including three medically fragile children adopted from foster care. She enjoys spending time with her family on their small farm in Southeast Tennessee, practicing yoga, and helping individuals live their healthiest lives.

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