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Nurse Practitioner

Consultants to the Legal Profession

Nationwide Team-Based, Collaborative Nursing and Medical Consulting and Case Review for the Plaintiff's Counsel

We are the ONLY team of US-based nurse practitioner consultants to the legal profession that offers comprehensive behind-the-scenes remote consulting expert services, including flat-rate case reviews and merit reviews.

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Discover the NP Advantage (™)

  • How are we different from your average legal nurse consultant (LNC):

  • Each of our case reviews is team-led by a specialty-matched expert nurse practitioner (NP), not a simply RN. NPs think like doctors, but bill more like nurses.

  • We don't bill "consulting" rates for data entry work. Data entry is billed at 1/2 the rate.

  • Our approach to case review, which involves to systematically and efficiently organizing records up front, saves tens or hundreds of hours for you and your experts. 

  • Our consulting expert work product on case reviews is dynamic and versatile and attorney-owned; YOU can easily generate over 100 report configurations from one product.

  • Our case reviews, or in MedMal, merit reviews, are flat-rate tiered based on the number of pages.

  • We offer a 20% next-case-credit for cases that we feel have no merit*

  • We offer discounts with volume agreements (negotiable) since our team of 12++ can handle volume.

  • *some exclusions apply 

  • Meritorious case review includes:

  • Case-Custom Glossary

  • Document Request List

  • Non-meritorious case review includes: 

  • Dropbox folder with comments by specialty nurse practitioner

  • 30-minute rationale phone call with the reviewing NP

  • 20% next-case-credit*

  •   *some exclusions apply 

  • Our Consultant Case Review Work Products

    Master Table of Contents

    The Master Table of Contents will have you and your staff quickly and efficiently separating the relevant from the extraneous records and locating critical event documentation.

    Learn More

    Document Request List

    The Document Request List helps you to know exactly what's missing, from what medical facility, and how obtaining it will contribute to your case. We can even help with chasing down medical records for you.

    Case-Custom Glossary 

    Slash your learning curve for medical terminology, jargon, and abbreviations in the searchable case-relevant reference sheet.

    Learn More

    Comprehensive Flow

    Get the story straight the first time with the sortable chronological and witness-oriented bird's eye view. The raw product is searchable and sortable.

    Learn More

    Deposition Assistant

    The Deposition Assistant is like having a nurse practitioner in your pocket while you're questioning your witness. Your Consultant will provide you with the right probing questions to get to the bottom of your case.

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    Editorial Narrative Summary

    The Optional Add-On Narrative Summary will help you build your strong case, starting with the medical professional's impression, with rationales and supportive literature if requested. 

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    Why you should consider a



    Discover the NP Advantage

  • Clinically, Like the MD, the Nurse Practitioner

  • is a peer with physicians

  • engages in differential diagnosis

  • orders diagnostic tests

  • assigns medical diagnoses

  • writes prescriptions for medications and treatments

  • is familiar with evidence-based treatment regimens

  • has access to provider-only literature and publication databases

  • is just that... a "practitioner"

  • has outpatient experience critical to personal injury and outpatient medmal analysis

  • In contrast to the average MD consultant to the legal profession, the NP-CLP

  • bills like a nurse, but thinks like a physician

  • EACH of our nurse practitioners are US-based and obtained her license in the United States

  • is intimately familiar with the anatomy of a hospital patient medical chart--they know just what they are looking at and where to look for trouble. We read the nursing notes where accountability goes up to the hospital!

  • has worked “in the trenches” at the hospital as an RN, often for many years and in many departments

  • regularly delegates to RNs, LPNs, MAs, CNAs, and others

  • Like the RN legal nurse consultant (LNC), the NP-CLP

  • often has a broad range of clinical experience

  • can get you and your staff up to speed on relevant medical terminology and acronyms

  • are teachers at heart, and can teach you the anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology that will help you understand and be able to fully and clearly explain to the judge and jury--your client’s case

  • In contrast to the average RN legal nurse consultant (LNC), the NP-CLP

  • is intimately familiar with mid-level roles--where and how hers crosses and overlaps with the PA’s or the MD’s role.

  • is Masters- or Doctorate-level prepared (2-6 more years of formal education)

  • is, by virtue of that higher education, more highly experienced in clear, concise, and purposeful writing

  • is, by virtue of the focus of graduate-level work, well-versed in the research process and in analyzing and evaluating evidence-based practice 

  • is more likely to have held leadership roles as an RN such as participating in department educator roles

  • is more likely to have worked outpatient, and performs diagnostic special testing, etc.

  • Medical Malpractice Specialty Consultation Services Currently Available

    Hospice Malpractice Radiology Malpractice Geriatrics Malpractice Obstetrics Malpractice Urgent Care Malpractice First Responder Malpractice Operating Room / Surgical Malpractice Intensive Care / Critical Care Malpractice
    Neonatal Malpractice Pediatrics Malpractice Anesthesia Malpractice Cardiology Malpractice Corrections Malpractice Pulmonology Malpractice Home Health Malpractice Orthopedics Malpractice Emergency Room / Trauma Malpractice
    Long Term Care / Nursing Home Malpractice

    Why the Team Approach Makes Sense

    Bringing Collaboration to the Courtroom


    Why the team approach to medical consulting for malpractice cases makes sense

  • You get more expert perspectives on your case

  • Cost efficiency: simple as that. We don't believe in billing consulting rates for data entry work. Our data entry current and former RNs and LPNs help to extract data from the medical record while our NPs provide their expert opinions and analysis.

  • Your client's case is treated with legitimate privacy; our expert NPs discuss cases only with our legitimate partners--not with their coworkers at the hospital

  • On a single retainer, you receive multiple expert opinions/viewpoints

  • Simple, flat-rate hourly billing--even our physicians bill at industry-standard rates on par with behind-the-scenes RNs--from a single entity for all your pre-litigation and behind-the-scenes consultation needs. Simplified accounts payable.

  • The less-conventional behind-the-scenes consultant roles (e.g. pharmacist, etc.) can get involved

  • Higher revenue for your firm. We do all the grunt work for you, so you can take on and win more cases per year

  • Effective and organized project management means delegation of elements of the collaborative work product to help you crush your deadlines

  • Less time spent digging; our Team Lead Expert NP can ask a specialist team member who knows right where to look. This means less hours billed to you.

  • Ready to get started?

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  • What Others Say!

    "The service provided by Discovery NP Legal Consultants helps me be more efficient. Medical records can be incredibly complex! Having a chronological timeline of events helps me to be more efficient and enables me to start drafting a complaint more quickly. Instead of trying to comb through voluminous records and figure out what happened and when, Discovery NP Legal Consultants does the work for us, so we can focus on the legal aspects of the case. It’s also incredibly helpful to me knowing what is missing from the medical record! Having these professionals on our side who know what questions to ask is an integral part of our medical malpractice caseload."

    Christie Low, Paralegal

    "The professionals at Discovery NP Legal Consultants are fast and efficient, and worth the investment. They are up on the technology of database and file sharing that produces an awesome synergy between my office and theirs."

    Jarom Whitehead

    Medical Malpractice Attorney


    "Finally there's someone who offers what's been missing in the business of malpractice law: a coordinated approach that simplifies medical consulting for attorneys. Giving us reliable access to qualified experts that offer a consistent, usable work product, and we don't need to train someone up every time anymore!"

    Mr. MichaeI Hanby, JD, Attorney at Law

    "The team used a collaborative approach. It was not just a case of two heads being better than one. Four or five specialized nurse practitioners reviewed the records and gave their assessment of the case. They also shared ideas about what information might be missing and what questions still needed to be answered. They were very knowledgeable."

    Claire Nolan, JD, Attorney at Law

    "This makes an expert witnesses' time so much easier, especially one that cares about getting to the bottom of a case, and not just billing astronomical amounts for their time. When an attorney sends me a record, it's often very disorganized and I keep having to ask for records and it comes in a very disjointed way--especially with nursing home records because they live there, and their charts are 10's of thousands of pages. It saves so much time and aggravation and ultimately is so much more cost-effective to have a Table of Contents like this! Many medical malpractice cases are so complex, that they involve multiple expert witnesses, and to have each one of them go through the disorganized record takes hours upon hours of each of their time. If this Table of Contents saves even ONE of a cases' expert witnesses even ONE hour of time, it pays for itself. This work product is well worth the money!"

    Anonymous Expert Witness


    Discovery NP Legal Consultants, LLC (R) is not a law firm. We do not provide medical or legal advice of any kind. Our work is done in the capacity of a consultant, and not as a medical provider. We do not engage in any patient-provider relationship with clients, their plaintiff or anyone else. Our services are geared to medical malpractice attorneys who take cases for the plaintiff.

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