Comprehensive Flow

Comprehensive Flow Chronology Timeline

At Discovery NP Legal Consultants, we believe that the work product you purchase belongs to you, the malpractice attorney–not to the consultant. Therefore, you should be able to add to it and adjust or edit it to your heart’s content! You and your paralegals will receive sorting and editing and printing access to this living spreadsheet, which integrates critical information from medical documents from all sources into one comprehensive clinical timeline picture.

There are numerous ways and combinations to sort and display the data, and you should get to choose what makes the most sense for this case. Our highly-trained consultants will help your paralegal learn how to isolate the information you need to create any type of report you desire out of the collected information. Besides your basic chronological flow, the information can be organized by document, by Bates numbers, according to witness, by topic, or by any other criterion you can imagine or request.

The comp flow is also written in a SOAP format, which is your standard medical provider’s cognitive organization of the facts: subjective (the patient’s complaints), objective (the provider’s sensory observations), assessment (the diagnosis), plan (including interventions undertaken). This format is not one you’ll see provided by your average LNC; our nurse practitioners think more like a doctor, but with the holistic perspective of a seasoned nurse.


This format of chronology allows you to review the information as an integrated chronological narrative, analyze relative timeframes between micro-events, and to quickly access what events your witnesses were involved in or should be questioned about so that your staff can gather exhibits for effective, organized deposition, and much more. Knowing where to find the exhibits with which to confront your witnesses increases your chances of settling or winning your case. More settled cases mean more caseload tolerance, and more revenue for your firm.

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