Master Table of Contents

The Master Table of Contents will have you and your staff quickly and efficiently separating the relevant from the extraneous records and locating critical event documentation.

Document Request List

The Document Request List helps you to know exactly what’s missing, from what medical facility, and how obtaining it will contribute to your case. We can even help with chasing down medical records for you.

Case-Custom Glossary

Slash your learning curve for medical terminology, jargon, and abbreviations in the searchable case-relevant reference sheet.

Comprehensive Flow

Get the story straight the first time with the sortable chronological and witness-oriented bird’s eye view. The raw product is searchable and sortable.

Deposition Assistant

The Deposition Assistant is like having a nurse practitioner in your pocket while you’re questioning your witness. Your Consultant will provide you with the right probing questions to get to the bottom of your case.

Editorial Narrative Summary

The Optional Add-On Narrative Summary will help you build your strong case, starting with the medical professional’s impression, with rationales and supportive literature if requested.

Customize My Order

If you’re ready to give us a try, here’s your chance! Your request is a la carte. You or your paralegal can give us a call and we will walk through a custom order with you, help you select a Team Lead NP and set you up with case strategy and estimate.

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