Document Request List

Document Request List

The Document Request list is a living spreadsheet of requested documents for, based on what was available in the initial PDF submission–and what was not.

This spreadsheet will instruct your staff on what to request, from which medical facility, as well as the date range for the request. This makes your paralegal’s job very easy in the paperwork goose-chase. It also reduces the cumbersome task, and obligatory billable expert witness hours spent gleaning through thousands of unwanted pages of records that were sent based on a vague request. Most importantly, each line item on The Document Request List will include a statement indicating what piece of information is being sought in the requested document.


Knowing where exactly to search for records and what precise records to request increases your chance of having all the requested documents at your disposal when you’re ready to go to deposition or trial. Furthermore, when the document arrives, whether it’s tomorrow or in three months, or in a year its precise relevance to the case will be immediately recalled–staff turnover notwithstanding–saving everyone involved valuable time rehashing the case.

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