Specialty: Emergency Room Physician

Dr. D. Guy Zickgraf is a part owner, co-founder, and a “consultant to the consultants” at Discovery NP Legal Consultants. He is available to our Team Lead NPs to verbally consult on cases that may benefit from a physician’s opinion.

Dr. Zickgraf graduated from A.T. Still University: Kirksville College of Medicine as a doctor of osteopathy in 2010. Dr. Zickgraf has practiced family medicine in Hawaii, serving as a Major in the US Army, as well as in Arizona, Idaho, and Oregon. Dr. Zickgraf is currently licensed in the state of Idaho and in the state of Oregon, where, in 2019 he transitioned to emergency medicine.

Rotating between three hospitals, Dr. Zickgraf has served as medical staff president at a major hospital system in that region since 2019. Dr. Zickgraf works as one of three medical examiners in his local area. As part of his responsibilities, Dr. Zickgraf reviews charts for physician’s assistants and assists with internal audits for the hospital system.

Dr. D.G. Zickgraf loves to be active and outdoors with his family. He particularly enjoys a good game of golf, hiking, running, snowboarding and gaming with his four kids and with his brothers.

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