Deposition Assistant

Deposition Assistant

The Deposition Assistant is a special by-request-only feature of the Comprehensive Flow Chronology in which you’ll get a peer’s perspective on what questions to ask the nursing and medical staff.

Your chronology can be sorted by witness so you can approach your depositions in a systematic and organized way. You’ll never forget a question again that could make or break your case. You’ll even get a list of suspected responses and algorithmic suggestions for follow-ups.


Would you know to ask the nurse if your client’s continuous pulse oximeter was a stationary or a mobile Dinamap unit? Without the counsel of a nurse practitioner consultant to the legal profession, the question may not even cross your mind… and why should it?

But the NP who is “once a nurse, always a nurse” knows that mundane detail could explain why the patient was on an oximeter at one point, then not the next… can pulse oximeters walk away?

Yes, yes they can, Counsel!…

Ask the right questions, get the right answers.

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