Master Table of Contents

Master Table of Contents

This spreadsheet pulls in and categorizes information from all PDF’s acquired during the initial document-gathering or discovery. Organizing the information into type of document and the information contained therein can aid you in narrowing down your search when you need to locate a particular type of information.

Rather than paying your paralegal hourly to pour through 1249 pages for a single nurse’s note at 14:37 on April 7, 2018, you can simply identify where in the Table of Contents the information you seek is likely to be (Nursing Notes from inpatient hospitalization at St. John’s Hospital), and then search the 52 pages of nursing notes located in PDF 2, page 46-98. Since page 46-98 is organized chronologically, locating the note on that particular day and time is a matter of minutes; not hours!


This can save you hundreds of dollars in wages for your paralegal, whose time is better spent doing other, more productive tasks than hunting for that one nursing note that contains your “smoking gun”. Furthermore, having never worked in the hospital herself, more often than not, the paralegal will take 5 minutes to identify the type of document she is looking at, while our seasoned nurses can identify in 2.732 seconds (seriously, we’ve timed them! Lisa is a whiz at it)

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