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How do Services Work?

At Discovery NP Legal Consultants, our nurse practitioner consultants to the legal profession function on a retainer that is based on a three-tiered assessment of the scope of your original request for the initial deliverable analysis.

After you place your custom order, a specialist will reach out to you to let you know which retainer tier your request falls under: 5 hrs, 10 hrs, or 15 prepaid hrs retainer, depending on the overall scope of your project. The specialist can collect the retainer with an easy online payment.

After your retainer has been collected, you can then select, we can recommend, or your case can be assigned to one of our specialty Nurse Practitioner Consultants to the Legal Profession who will act as a Team Lead for your case. We will then schedule the initial verbal discussion on your case, which is done via Zoom.
You will be notified when our team has billed out 80% of the current retainer on the case, and you may then choose to schedule a call with your consultant to discuss the progress so far. Unless otherwise specified, each subsequent retainer will be about 60% of the initial retainer. The team will resume work on your case as soon as the account is loaded with a subsequent retainer.

Once the initial consulting deliverable is complete, your Nurse Practitioner Team Lead consultant will reach out to you to invite you or your staff to schedule a deliverable wrap-up conversation about your case. You may invite whomever makes sense to you to this discussion, including any partners, paralegals, or the plaintiff.

Your Team Lead Nurse Practitioner’s assistance with your case does not have to end there. Your Nurse Practitioner consultant will provide you with suggestions on additional documents you may wish to request, and we can provide Discovery document collection assistance services to aid in this process. Our team can continue to provide “incident to” services on existing cases, integrating new information into the work product, up to and including deposition and trial preparation assistance in whatever non-testifying capacity makes sense for your process.

As of the latest update on this section (12/2021) our aim is to eventually complete our service ensemble by providing Expert Witness Location Services (independent contractors), which our company intends to begin offering once our database has a sufficient diversity of experts to be effective and competitive in that space.

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