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Our signature Table of Contents Service will save you and your firm hundreds of hours on doc review per case. No need to split up your PDFs anymore. If you know what page everything is on, you can jump right to what you need. For a flat fee based on number of pages and number of PDFs as well as the level of detail requested, one of our data entry nurses will input each part of the medical record in a searchable sortable cloud-based collaborative online format. You’ll be able to search by type of record, facility, provider, specialty, bates number and more.

What’s more, one of our Nurse Practitioner Legal Consultants will rank the various types of records by order of estimated relevance to your case so you and your experts can then sort by relevance and review the record in a logical, efficient manner.

We don’t share this process online as it is unique to Discovery NP Legal Consultants’ way of organizing the data, so we ask you to input your name and email so we can verify that you are an attorney or representing a law firm.